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Get more bang for your workout buck with The AbDominator. Not only do you get the AbDominator, but free workout videos and the nutrition book by nationally recognized nutrition and fitness guru, Chris Johnson. THAT'S OVER A $100 VALUE!! The AbDominator's unique omni directional roller ball engages more of your core for better strengthening and toning than other ab rollers. The traction grip ball works on all surfaces and enables smoother changes of direction than ab rollers which limit you with wheel or caster designs. Its unrestricted range of motion lets you do arches, s-curves, figure 8's & more so you can challenge not only your abs, but your obliques, arms, back, chest, legs, thighs, & butt. Gel grip & handle straps for maximum safety while you comfortably focus on strengthening upper & lower muscle groups. The AbDominator enables a complete, portable workout that includes online access to training videos for beginner, intermediate, and advanced; PLUS a pdf book, "Nutrition" written by author Chris Johnson.

When you purchase an AbDominator you help our kids future, with each sale, AbDominator will donate $1 to “A World Fit For Kids!”