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Why Work Your Back Muscles?

Posted by Shannon Clark on

As you go about developing your workout routine, there’s one group of muscles that you’ll want to ensure you aren’t overlooking. That muscle group? 

Your back. 

Sadly, many people leave back training by the wayside. This is because they can’t physically see those muscles in the gym, thus they aren’t as motivated to train them. If you can’t see the muscles contracting and getting more developed, how high is your desire to keep working at it? 

For most, not very high. Of course you can always take a selfie of your back in the mirror, it’s not quite the same as watching your biceps develop a huge pump as you do curl after curl or noticing the quad sweep appearing in your legs after a set of heavy squats. 

This said, training back is important nevertheless. Why train this muscle? Here are the many reasons. 


The first reason to hit your back muscles regularly is to achieve good muscular balance. If you are the typical ‘bro’ in the gym who loves training chest, chances are your chest is quite well developed. 

If you aren’t focusing on back equally as much, you’re going to run into issues where your shoulders are being pulled forward by your strong and tight chest muscles. This can cause serious postural issues and problems down the road. 

Having a strong back will help to offset the chest muscles, keeping your posture exactly where it needs to be and your shoulder blades pulled back. This will also give you a great look of confidence. 

Prevention Of Back Pain 

The next reason to hit back is because it’ll help you reduce the incidence rate of back pain as well. While you may not be experiencing back pain at this point in your life, many people as they get older find this is the number one injury and chronic pain they deal with. 

Prevent that by strengthening all these muscles. You’ll be thankful you did down the road. 

Calorie Burn 

Did you know that the back muscles make up some of the largest muscles in the body? They do and as such, they deserve to be trained. 

When it comes to burning fat and staying lean, the more muscle fibers you can work with each workout, the better off you’ll be. By doing a heavy back workout, you can seriously jump start your metabolic rate, ensuring that you burn calories for hours to come. 

This can go a long way towards helping you lose that fat you’ve been struggling to lose. 

Bigger Biceps 

Finally, the last reason to train your back is because doing so will actually help you build better biceps as well. Don’t forget that your biceps are going to be worked with each and every exercise for back you perform, so they’ll also reap excellent benefits as well. 

What’s more is that since you are typically lifting far heavier weight for back training than you ever would for bicep training, you can actually see excellent strength gains in the bicep muscles because of this. 

So don’t neglect back any longer. It is one of the main critical muscle groups that, in most training programs, deserves nearly a full day to itself. When was the last time you trained back?