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Three Key Benefits Regular Ab Exercise Gives You

Posted by Shannon Clark on

When most people think of ‘ab exercise’, they tend to think of working towards the goal of getting a set of six pack bs. They start thinking about burning fat, carving out the midsection and likely, doing crunch after crunch after crunch. 

Sadly, this thinking process isn’t 100% correct. First, working your abs is about more than just looking good. There are many other reasons to be focusing on strengthening the abdominal core that extend far beyond aesthetics. 

Beyond that, if the truth is told, crunches aren’t the most effective way to build a great set of abs. As you’re going to find out, there are far more productive methods to train this muscle group. 

First let’s address three key benefits of regular ab exercise. 

Lower Back Pain Prevention 

Let’s face it – lower back pain sucks. Once you have it, it’s a nagging injury that will make itself heard just about every day of your life. Lower back pain is typically chronic and can really prevent you from taking part in the activities that you enjoy. 

Fortunately, you can get around it. By strengthening your abs, you’ll help support your spinal column in a better position overall, which can then minimize the back pain risk that you experience. 

Those who are suffering from lower back pain who take the time to strengthen their abdominal core also typically find their pain and discomfort is minimized. 

Improved Exercise Execution 

Next, you’ll also see excellent transfer over benefits of core training into every single exercise that you do. Remember that your core is essentially your ‘weakest link’ so to speak. If your core isn’t strong, you’ll struggle to complete every single exercise you have planned as effectively as you would likely hope you would. 

Your core provides the foundation upon which all other movements are directed from, so the stronger your core is, the better you’ll be able to perform all your other exercises. This can then lead to superior results. 

Increased Balance And Stability 

Finally, the last great benefit of training your abs properly is that it’ll give you increased balance and stability. If you are young, you may not view this as all that important, but as you get older and start to notice your balance isn’t what it used to be, you’ll really come to appreciate any balance work that you’ve done over the years. 

Furthermore, if you happen to participate in any sports, balance and agility will be key to a successful performance, so that’s another reason to give this some attention. 

So as you can see, training abs is about more than just looking good. It’s about feeling good and performing optimally as well. 

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