The Effects Of Alcohol On Fat Loss

Posted by Shannon Clark on

Wondering whether you really need to cut alcohol out of the equation to see good fat loss results? You aren’t alone. This is one of the top concerns and questions that many people wonder about as they go about their plan. 

You enjoy the odd drink with your friends – or a glass of wine with your significant other when sitting down to dinner. 

Do you really need to give this up if you hope to lose weight? 

Let’s go over a few things to know. 

Alcohol And Calories 

The first thing you need to realize is that alcohol is quite calorie dense, coming in at 7 calories per gram rather than the 4 that you may find in protein or carbohydrates. For this reason, it adds up quickly. 

Also consider the fact that many mixed drinks are also very high in sugar and/or fat and that only adds calories to the mix. It’s not abnormal to find a mixed drink coming in at 400-600 calories per serving, so this can really pack on the pounds, so to speak. 

If you are aiming to keep your calorie intake down for fat loss purposes, drinking alcohol isn’t going to be doing you any favors. 

Alcohol And Fat Oxidation 

Next, also consider the effects that alcohol will have on fat oxidation rates. Whenever you put alcohol into your system, because it is a toxin, all processes are going to stop. This includes fat burning. 

Until that alcohol is oxidized off, you aren’t going to be making any progress going forward. So each time you take a drink, of it like taking a break from your fat loss program. 

Is that really what you want to be doing? 

Alcohol And Recovery  

Another factor to think about is alcohol and recovery. Because alcohol is a toxin, it’s going to place stress on the body. This is stress over and beyond the stress that you experience when at the gym or just going about your day to day life. 

The more stress you have in your life, the harder it becomes for you to recover from each workout session that you perform. As such, you may notice that your recovery starts lagging. 

And, if you are drinking more than a couple drinks a day, you may not be so up to hitting the gym for your planned workout the next day. This can lead to skipped workout sessions, which will without a doubt hinder the fat loss progress you experience. 

So as you can see, there are many detrimental effects of alcohol on fat loss. Does being on a fat loss plan mean you must avoid alcohol entirely? If you want to see the absolute best results, yes. 

If you are willing to sacrifice a little to still enjoy the odd drink here or there, then you can probably get away with doing so. Just remember to limit your drink consumption to one or two per week and try and stick with lower calorie forms of drinks such as wine or liquor mixed with a calorie free beverage such as sparkling water or club soda. This will be your best bet for keeping yourself on track.