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The Core Device That Targets Your Lower And Upper Back

Posted by Shannon Clark on

Each time you hit the gym, chances are you go in with a clear idea of what muscle groups you want to be working. You have your leg day, your chest day, your back day, and your shoulder day, and perhaps even your arm day. Then you tack your core day onto one of those days or do it on its own.

Whatever the case, you are focused on one specific muscle group each and every workout. 

What if I told you it was possible to hit more than one muscle group when working your core? Most people leave core training until the very end as they just don’t feel they reap as many benefits from it as they aren’t lifting weights.

If you’re doing this, the real issue is that you aren’t training your core intensely enough. The AbDominator can help you change that. 

With this single piece of exercise equipment, you can not only give yourself a great core workout, but also target your lower and upper back as well. This includes the muscles of your Trapezius, Infrasinatus, Teres Minor, Teres Major, Latissimus, and the Erector Spinae.

Let me explain....

The Anatomy Of AbDominator Exercises

First you need to know and understand the exercises you are going to perform using the AbDominator. This device is going to have you (usually) starting in a kneeling position, holding the handles on either side.

From there, you’ll simply roll outwards, contracting the abs as you let the body move down towards the ground.

Now here’s where your back comes into play: as you roll the device out, not only will your core be contracting to keep your body stabilized, but you’ll also be contracting the lower and upper back muscles to direct the movement.

The end result is you can see remarkable strength and muscular development progress in these areas – all while training your core.

Making The Most Of Your Training

To really help hit the lower and upper back, there are a few additional things that you can do.

First, you can move slower into the positions. By slowing down the movement, you’ll recruit more total muscle fibers and once the core has stabilized the midsection, it’ll be up to the back to do the rest of the work.

Second, when you are in the rolled out position, you can move the AbDominator slightly from side to side. This is going to primarily work the back muscles, while again, the core simply stays engaged for stabilization purposes.

Finally, you can do partial movements. During the first half of the roll out exercise, you’ll work more of your lower back than your abs, so if you roll halfway out, pause, and then roll back in, you’ll feel that lower back contracting for the vast majority of the time.

So don’t neglect the fact that you can get a back workout when using the AbDominator. You might just start pairing your back and ab workout together so that each time you train abs, you can reap the back building results this device brings.