How To Firm Up Your Love Handles With The AbDominator

Posted by Shannon Clark on

If you are someone who has a little ‘extra’ around your midsection – something you might refer to every so often as your ‘love handles’, you are probably wondering what you can do to remove this unwanted fat from your body.

After all, when you put on a pair of jeans and feel it seeping out over the rim, it’s a constant reminder of how far you still have to go with your fitness routine.

While the number one way to shed any belly fat is through a proper diet, make no mistake, the right exercise will also play a role.

In order to fully understand how to fix this problem, it’s important that you know more about these muscles and how you can most effectively target them.

The ‘Love Handles’

First you need to gain an understanding of what muscles make up your so-called love handles. These muscles are called the obliques and run along the side of your body, towards the top of your hip. 

Without going into an anatomy lesson; the obliques are composed of two muscles, the interior and exterior obliques.

They are going to be placed nearly perpendicular to the rectus abdominis, which is the muscle that makes up your ‘six pack abs’. Most people are quite familiar with that muscle group, so when you have a firm idea of what those are, you can better place where the obliques are on the body.

What role do these muscles have? The primary role of the oblique muscles is going to be to help create a twisting movement in the upper body. If you need to reach across to the side for instance and twist your waist as you do, you will be working the obliques in the process.

The obliques can also work as dynamic stabilizers as well. If you become off balance and are being shifted from side to side, these muscles will definitely be contracting, helping you maintain balance.

Hitting Your Obliques Through Proper Exercises

So now that you know what these muscles are, how can you target them properly?

In order to target the obliques, you need to be hitting them from a variety of angles and most importantly, hitting them from a sideways movement pattern. If you just perform a basic crunch that moves you forward and backward, there will be very little oblique involvement at all.

But, if you are twisting to the side, that’s when you’ll call these side abdominal muscles into play.

How The AbDominator Takes Things To The Next Level

To really crank up the heat, the AbDominator can help you take your oblique workout to the next level. With this device, you are able to roll side to side as well as on a diagonal, so there is literally no angle that you can’t hit your obliques with.

Remember, the core muscles are very fast to adapt to any training you are applying to them so as such, you need to keep changing things around. The AbDominator makes that easy.


In addition to that, you can hold the single contraction for a much longer period of time as you roll side to side, which is going to create a form of isometric contraction. This will build up your degree of muscular endurance and really help to strengthen your core.

So next time you want to give your ‘love handles’ a workout and slim yourself down, give the AbDominator a try. By rolling from side to side and on the diagonal, you can be sure that you’re hitting these muscles effectively.