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Cardio Versus Metabolic Resistance Training: Which Is Best?

Posted by Shannon Clark on

If you are looking to burn fat and get in shape quickly, you may wonder what type of cardio training is best. 

Is it ideal to simply hop on the treadmill and run for as long as possible until fatigue sets in? Or are you better off doing some other form of cardio training? 

You may have heard about metabolic training before and wonder if that is perhaps a form of training you should be thinking about. 

Let’s go over what these two training varieties have to offer and help you understand which form is best for you. 

Traditional Cardio Training 

Traditional cardio training is the type of cardio most people think of when they hear the word. It’s the form of cardio where you get on a piece of cardio equipment and begin jogging, biking, or doing whatever movement the machine calls for.

This form of training can be done for a very long duration at a moderate to low intensity, or it can be done at a much higher intensity for a shorter duration, also known as high intensity interval training. 

There are pros and cons to each. 

Interval training is one of the best forms of cardio training if you want to boost your metabolic rate, so if fat loss is a goal, it’s likely one that you’ll want to consider. It’s also a shorter workout overall, so if you are pressed for time, one that you’ll likely want to consider. Finally, it also tends to get you into better shape overall due to the intensity that you are working with. You’ll really boost your overall VO2 max when doing this form of training. 

On the flip side, steady state cardio training is less taxing on the body, so you won’t run as much of a risk of becoming overtrained, it can be done on an empty stomach (while you should have carbs in yours system when doing interval training), and it’s also great for beginners because you don’t have to have a higher fitness level to start out on it. 

All in all, there is a time and place for both types of training depending on your goals, nutrition plan, and current fitness level. 

Metabolic Resistance Training 

On the other hand, another form of cardio training is metabolic resistance training. This is a form of cardio that employs resistance training activities but structures them in such a way that you see great cardiovascular results. 

These programs are usually quite high in intensity with the rest periods kept short. So you’ll move from one exercise to the next, hardly taking any rest in between. This is what maximizes your heart rate and helps you burn calories both during the workout as well as for hours after the workout is completed. 

Which Is Best? 

So which should you do? There is no clear cut answer to that question. Ideally, both will be included in your workout routine, however if you want to lean more towards one than the other, no problem. 

If you are someone who cannot devote much time to a fully developed strength training program, I’d recommend metabolic resistance training as you can get both benefits of resistance training and cardio with this single workout. 

The downfall however is that because these workouts are so fast paced, you may not reap maximum strength progress. So if you want to get stronger as a primary goal, then you are better off doing a regular strength training program focused on strength and then add traditional cardio to that. 

So keep this information in mind. As you can see, there is not just one way to perform a cardio training program. You can achieve great results in many different ways.