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AbDominator: Not Just An Ab Device

Posted by Shannon Clark on

If you are looking to create a total upper body workout, as it turns out, an ab roller might just do the trick for you. But, you don’t want to be using just any ab roller. Instead, you want to take a look at the AbDominator machine. This machine has been designed specifically to target the abs, but as an added advantage, it’s also great for working other areas of the body as well.

More specifically, your lats, delts, biceps, and triceps.

Curious how it manages to do this? Read on to find out more.

What Sets The AbDominator Apart

Chances are, you’ve seen an ab wheel, or ab roller before. These machines are quite simple in build in that they’re a basic wheel attached to two handlebars. They roll out and back in again, forcing you to contract your core with each rep you perform.

The AbDominator however, is built slightly differently. This device allows you to roll in a multi-directional fashion so you can get the best possible workout each time you use it.

The fact that the ball rolls in all directions not only means you’ll be using more stabilization to complete each rep (which gives you the ab workout of your life!) but also means that you can easily engage other muscles as well such as the upper body muscles noted above.

There are a great many different exercises you can do with this device, so it takes the basic ab workout and really amplifies it.

Bringing Your Upper Body Into Play

So how do you bring the upper body muscles into play? This machine can definitely challenge your latissimus dorsi, your deltoids, as well as your biceps brachii and triceps muscles.

Your lats are responsible for any sort of movement where you are moving the arms above or below the head, so with each rep you take using the AbDominator, these muscles are going to be coming into play. To really engage them, try rolling out and then rolling the ab side to side. You’ll immediately feel these muscles contracting.

The deltoids, also known as the shoulder muscles, are responsible for any sort of shoulder movement. So once again, you can see how well these would come into play as you execute each rep. The shoulder muscles will act as dynamic stabilizers in any of the exercises you do and to really get them working, you can again, perform some lateral movements. The shoulders will help to direct this movement, putting a great deal of tension on the muscle fibers deep within this area.

Finally, to work your biceps and triceps, you can actually pull the AbDominator into the body, bending the elbows while keeping your core tight. Think of it like doing a prone bicep curl almost only while keeping your wheel on the floor.

Want to work your triceps? Consider doing push-ups on the AbDominator. Not only will this seriously work your core, but your triceps will be screaming at every stage of the exercise as well.

So as you can see, the AbDominator is not just for hitting the abs. When used properly, it really can make a big difference in all your upper body muscles.