Get More Bang for Your Workout Buck!

Not only do you get the AbDominator, but you get 3 FREE workout videos and the nutrition book by nationally recognized nutrition and fitness guru, Chris Johnson. THAT'S OVER A $100 VALUE!!

You Don't Have To Be Mr. Atlas

Anyone can use the AbDominator! You don't have to be a professional athlete. Using modified exercises at first to build your core, then in no time at all you'll be ripping our reps like Mr. Atlas himself!!

How's Your Core?

Does your back hurt all the time from doing traditional abdominal exercises? That's because you are overloading your lower back. Use the AbDominator and stop having back pain due to situps or crunches.

Your Core


AbDominator was made using a ball at its base. This makes for an unstable environment that forces you to use your entire core in order to stabilize during the workout. The cool part, your not limited in your movement, the AbDominator moves in all directions.

Operates on All Floor Surfaces

The AbDominator operates smoothly on all floor types. Carpet, wood, concrete, tile, and matted gym floors are no match.

Your Back Is Part of Your Core